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Commercial filming and photography must be pre-arranged and can only be conducted with the express permission of the Merry Hill centre management team.

For any urgent news filming requests which require a quick-turnaround, please contact City Press at

Film Enquiries

News Filming

Depending on the nature of the request at any given time, we will endeavour to allow access to news crews to facilitate filming.

Other Production Filming

We love our creative industries and welcome any requests for filming. All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis at the time of submission.

Commercial Filming

If you are filming for an advertisement or brand, then a location fee structure may apply. Please contact us to find out more.

Student Filming

If you are a student who wishes to film within Merry Hill as part of any research or course projects, then you must contact us at least 14 working days in advance.

You will also need a copy of your university’s or college’s public liability insurance, a completed method statement and risk assessment forms where applicable.

Filming Approvals Check-List

  • An up-to-date public liability insurance form to the value of at least £5 million will be required by anyone wishing to film within the centre
  • A completed method statement and risk assessment form may be required in advance of any filming, with the exception of urgent news requests
  • A completed and signed filming location agreement form will be required before filming can commence. This applies to any drama/documentary/current affairs/general human interest/popular culture programmes
  • If a TV company/programme maker requires a signed location release form for any filming within Merry Hill, then the filmed clips are shown in advance so that this permission can be viewed in context and assessed accordingly

Photography Requests

Any activity on the mall which involves a photographer will require prior approval, otherwise the request will not be permitted on-site.

For any in-store or retail shop front requests, please contact the individual brands direct to seek approval.

You must not shoot onto the mall from within a store without our permission.

Photography checklist

  • An up-to-date public liability insurance form to the value of at least £5million
  • A written request (via email) prior to arrival

We request the right to see copies of the photographs taken within the centre and may seek permission to use for Merry Hill’s own publicity needs.