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Extrawurst is an authentic German bratwurst fast-food brand serving a range of delicious food including its Original German Bratwurst, Frikadelle and Schnitzel.

The menu is completely personalised so you can build your perfect meal. Just choose a main (bratwurst, schnitzel, frikadelle or pulled pork), a side (fries, rosemary potatoes grilled mushrooms or glazed onions), a Signature sauce (curry, mushroom, sweet pepper), toppings and spices and you’re good to go.

With Earthy, honest and delicious sides, such as Extrawurst’s fluffy fries topped with creamy mushroom sauce, a vegan bratwurst and a kid’s menu for the little Brats, Extrawurst’s unique cuisine is the perfect food to eat on the go all through the day, whether as a breakfast snack or a lunchtime meal with a coffee, as everyone loves a sausage!

Opening Times

Monday 9am – 9pm
Tuesday 9am – 9pm
Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9am to 7pm
Sunday 11 am to 5pm

Contact Details

https:// www.extrawurst.co.uk
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  • Upper Mall
  • Lower Mall
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