Update about your gift card

Merry Hill is no longer part of intu and you can no longer buy intu gift cards in the centre or online.

If you still have an intu Merry Hill Gift Card, it will be valid for a year from purchase and existing cards will still be honoured and can still be spent in stores at Merry Hill until the expiry date on your card is reached.

intu Gift Cards were issued by EML Payments Europe Limited (EML) who are the parent company of Flex-e-Card Limited, the UK-based provider of gift card services to intu – you will see Flex-e-Card’s name on the reverse of your card.

All funds associated with these cards are held in a designated client account under the control of EML only. EML settles with Mastercard on a daily basis for all transactions that occur on these gift cards.

EML’s obligation is to its cardholders as per the terms and conditions of its cards, and to Mastercard as per its membership agreement.

As a result, there is no risk to any retail or leisure occupier to continue to accept these gift cards, as all funds are entirely separate.


Should you have any further queries please contact Flex-e-Card:

by telephone: 0844 7744277

by email:

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