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Sizzled serves up the best of Mediterranean street food culture on the grill.

Lovingly sourced from suppliers in Greece, our tender skewers of lightly seared meat, our crispy grilled slices of Yeeros, soft fluffy pita bread, mouthwatering halloumi and crunchy salads are a cut above in taste and quality.

Our menu takes the best of the Greek grill with our own Sizzled twist. You’ll enjoy gluten-free meat, a greater range of vegetarian and vegan options and exciting dips and sauces.

Opening Times

Monday – 11am – 9pm

Tuesday – 11am – 9pm

Wednesday – 11am – 9pm

Thursday – 11am – 9pm

Friday – 11am – 9pm

Saturday – 11am – 7pm

Sunday – 11am – 5pm

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